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About Project Firstline

Project Firstline, CDC’s national training collaborative for infection control, is committed to preparing frontline healthcare workers and the public health workforce to protect themselves, their patients, and their communities from infectious disease threats.

Project Firstline is building training expertise within the public health workforce to support a culture of infection control in healthcare communities everywhere.

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Podcast: What is Project Firstline?

National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) and NNPHI unpack
the basics of Project Firstline and infection control.

Listen below or access the show notes for more information.

Podcast Released April 28, 2022

Interactive Learning Experiences

Use these web scrolling experiences to learn the basics behind infection control actions and ways they can prevent the spread of infectious diseases. We encourage you to share these resources with frontline healthcare workers to reinforce guidance on how they can protect themselves, their patients, coworkers, and community.

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