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We’re connectors.

We create a national network that links public health professionals and frontline workers. This fosters a sense of community, and allows us to serve as a critical link in the chain of infection prevention and control.

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N95s are certain respirators tested and proven to filter out at least 95% of very small air particles. While it is important to wear an N95 for respiratory protection, users should also check the seal of their N95 each time they put it on to ensure they only breathe in filtered air. Scroll through this experience to find out how to properly test an N95 seal to protect yourself and others from germs in the air.

We’re equipping you.

We provide tools, trainings, and education alongside our partners to impact communities for the better. Through a variety of resources, we empower public health professionals to better protect themselves and the people they serve.


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We’re partners.

Together, we can make a greater impact as we build a culture that transforms infection control education to protect our nation.

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Project Firstline Helps AAP Expand Infection Control Efforts to Improve Child and Adolescent Health Outcomes

The American Academy of Pediatrics is an organization committed to the optimal physical, mental and social well-being of all infants, children, and adolescents. AAP is one of many partner organizations working with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Project Firstline Collaborative. The project involves a group of healthcare and public health partners working to provide innovative and effective infection control practice (IPC) training for healthcare & public health workforces.

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Our Focuses



Core Training

Provides shared, foundational infection control knowledge to the public health and healthcare workforces.

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Practical Tools

Delivers resources to guide discussions with healthcare workers and facilities.


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Ensures that infection control materials are relevant to the public health workforce and its responsibilities.

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Connects infection control experts with the public health workforce.


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Public Health Capacity

Creates a shared culture of infection control expertise among the public health and healthcare workforces.



Develops innovative platforms to effectively train adult learners.

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Resources for you.

We create consistent, concise, and engaging infection control content to maximize the number of frontline workers who are prepared to encounter, treat, and save lives.

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